Red Dot Pistol Essentials

Dot sights on handguns are the new hotness...and it's not just hype. There are some real benefits to have a slide-mounted red dot sight mounted on your pistol. We can show you what some of those benefits are while helping you solve the biggest drawback folks face when using one:

Reliably finding your dot during the draw.

This clinic at the NRA Range is designed to give you the essential information you need to begin successfully using the red dot equipped handgun for self defense with a focus on helping you learn to find the dot every time you draw your pistol.

Course requirements:

  • Reliable pistol, preferably one with a properly mounted and zeroed dot optic
  • At least 3 magazines for a double stack gun, 5 for a single stack
  • A quality holster and mag pouch
  • 200 rounds of reliable ammunition
  • Any tools that come with your optic