Defensive Carbine Clinic

This clinic is a convenient way to interact with like-minded people who are interested in developing critical defensive skills with a carbine. This course is tailored to America’s Rifle, the AR15 but not limited to the AR15 family. We welcome all types of reliable fighting rifle owners to train with us. We will cover serious topics that will be presented in a respectful and professional manner that is fun and challenging.

Course run time is approximately 4.5 to 5 hours, broken down to a 1-hour lecture and 3.5 hours of shooting. Lecture includes a justified use of force presentation, firearms safety, the necessity of a simple shot process, and the importance of critical shooting fundamentals. Rifle zeroing considerations will also be presented.

The course is for everybody; beginners to experienced shooters. Everyone will progress according to their current ability. Everyone will be challenged to improve on demand performance. Drills will instill the shot process and hone fundamentals with plenty of individual coaching. Efficient rifle presentation, correct sequence for loading and unloading, the importance of consistent mount and proper trigger control, multiple targets and target transitions will be covered. Overall, this is a great way to start training with us and to see why we generate so many returning clients.

Course requirements:

  • Reliable semiautomatic carbine or rifle
  • Your rifle must be zeroed (iron sights, red dot type sights, and LPVO are all great options for this course)
  • At least 3 magazines (more is better)
  • A quality 2-point tactical sling
  • Magazine pouch and belt
  • 200 rounds of reliable ammunition