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WE build defensive PRACTITIONERS

The defensive practitioner recognizes that in a violent encounter, help is unlikely to arrive in time to prevent harm. With this understanding, they invest in the knowledge and skills that will help them protect themselves and their loved ones from harm. They train as if it is up to them to solve the problem…because it is.

Skilled use of a firearm is absolutely critical, but the ability to read a situation correctly and react appropriately based on all the factors you will be judged on post-event, is just as crucial but often overlooked in traditional firearms training. We will help develop your skills with a firearm. We will also improve your decision-making ability under stress to help you read and react appropriately when life is on the line.

Each instructor at Justified Defensive Concepts has undergone rigorous training and certification in their respective fields, bringing unique skills and experiences to the classroom. Many of the instructors at Justified Defensive Concepts have served in high-pressure and high-risk environments, and bring that experience to their instruction. Whether it's teaching students how to effectively use a firearm or how to navigate a potentially dangerous situation, the instructors at Justified Defensive Concepts are uniquely qualified to provide the highest level of training and support.

The team at JDC are more than just teachers - they are mentors and role models who inspire students to become champions of their own safety. By sharing their expertise and passion for personal defense, the instructors at Justified Defensive Concepts are empowering individuals to take control of their safety and well-being.


The Instructors

Prevailing against determined violence requires a solid grounding in the principles of justifiable defense, decision making skills under extreme stress, good tactics, and a high degree of technical proficiency. Our coursework is designed to develop these capabilities in our clients and to help them understand how to successfully judge the appropriate actions for the circumstances they face.

We believe in teaching a high degree of shooting skill: In fact, we present a very high standard of technical proficiency, but our focus goes beyond developing a skilled shooter. Our ultimate goal is to build a capable Defensive Practitioner who is able to correctly read a situation, make sound tactical decisions, and, if absolutely necessary, apply force with a decisive level of speed and precision.

Whether you wear a uniform or not, the need to defend yourself against lethal violence is a much more common phenomenon than many would like to believe.While we hope none of our clients ever have to fight for their lives, our program of instruction is based on placing ourselves in the terrible moment where they must and giving them the knowledge and skills they will need to prevail.

Life is worth defending. Be prepared.

Your success is the focus of our business. Everything we do at JDC…from designing our programs of instruction to making sure we have one instructor for every four students to provide a safe learning environment and to guarantee quality individual coaching…is built around our core belief that your benefit is our primary responsibility.

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