Red Dot Pistol for Concealed Carry and Duty Use

August 24, 2024
8:30 AM
4:30 PM
Echo Valley Training Center 268 Caliber Drive High View WV, 26808
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This class will cover safety, manipulations, and shooting fundamentals. In addition it will cover best practices for equipment selection and setup of a red dot equipped pistol. You will come out of this class with the understanding of the skills required to shoot a red dot equipped pistol, as well as the knowledge of how best to set up and run a red dot pistol in the future.In addition we will cover:

  • Mindset
  • Factors that legally allow the use of force
  • Firearms safety
  • Desirable features/best equipment choices
  • Loading and manipulations
  • In-depth understanding on how to master the fundamentals
  • The secret to shooting accurately
  • Developing an efficient draw process
  • Shooting from contact distance to extended distance
  • Occluded optic window sighting
  • Dealing with precipitation
  • Common malfunctions and how to clear them
  • Performance improvement plan

Duration: 8 hours Class Start 9:00am

Location:FPF Training Range

Equipment Requirements: You will need a reliable mid-size pistol equipped with a red dot sight, sturdy belt, holster for your pistol, 3 or more magazines for your pistol, the ability to retain at least two magazines on your person (magazine pouches), 250-300 rounds of reliable ammunition for your pistol (no steel core, bi-metal, armor piercing, or tracer), ballistic rated eye and ear protection (electronic amplified is highly recommended), not mandatory but also highly recommended is a brimmed cap. A lawn chair and note talking material are also recommended.

Attendance Considerations: There are very few pre-requisites for this course. At a minimum to attend you must know and should be able to follow at all times the 4 Cardinal Rules of Firearms safety! An open mind and a willingness to be challenged, to learn, and to improve are desirable. Train hard! We hope to see you on the range.


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