Low Light Pistol Skills

Low Light Pistol is for the Defensive Practitioner who is already well skilled in the fundamental use and manipulation of their defensive pistol of choice but knows that they need additional skill to be able to effectively employ the pistol in a low light environment. You must be safe and competent with your pistol. Prior training from JDC or a vendor we approve is required. If there is any question in your mind if you have the requisite skill to participate in this course, please contact us prior to registering to ensure you have the skills necessary to benefit from this course. The ability to shoot accurately with one hand only will be stressed. This course is an evening course. It begins in the afternoon and progresses until approximately midnight. It is an outdoor course so we will be waiting for Mother Nature to provide us the Low Light Conditions. Run time is approximately 4PM to Midnight.


  • Mind Set
  • Safety
  • Night Sights
  • Red Dots in Low Light (this course is a great course for Red Dot equipped pistols)
  • One Handed Flashlight Shooting Techniques
  • Two Handed Flashlight Shooting Techniques
  • Weapon Mounted Light Use
  • Light Activation & Search Techniques
  • Transitions (Flow) from Technique to Technique and Tool to Tool
  • Firearm Manipulation (Reloads & Malfunction Clearance)
  • Use of Cover in a Low Light Environment
  • Decision Making
  • Threat Discrimination
  • Skills in Context

Facility: Echo Valley has portable toilets but no other amenities. Please bring water, snacks, and appropriate clothing for the environment. Sunscreen and bugspray are always recommended.

Equipment Needed:

  • Defensive Pistol
  • Weapon Mounted Light (optional)
  • Quality handheld flashlight (at least 2 are recommended)
  • Holster and gun belt
  • At least 3 Magazines and preferably 2 Mag Pouches
  • Shooting (Safety) Glasses and Outer Shell Hearing Protection
  • Ball Cap (optional – highly recommended)
  • At least 250 Rounds of quality ammunition