Our accomplished team of firearms experts shares a wealth of experience, with more than 100+ years in training and tactical skills. We look forward to seeing you at the range.
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From New Gun Owner to Precision Shooter

Justified Defensive Concepts (JDC) trains clients of all types. When a client books a training event, they are investing in their personal safety and defensive preparedness. Each lesson is meticulously tailored to the practical usage of firearms, ensuring that clients receive top-tier training and instruction that has real-world value. Clients are to be met with a supportive and inspiring learning environment, where they can expect to develop a sense of confidence and preparedness in the face of potential threats. Our events offer some of the most preeminent personal defense education available.
Whether you are a law-abiding citizen in Montgomery County, a sworn police officer in Northern Virginia, a security professional in DC, or a member of our Armed Forces, the day may come when you are forced to defend your life or the life of another against violent attack. Our team ensures your preparedness.
Pistol Firing Range

JDC is a fantastic group of instructors with decades of experience in each instructor.  I took the Red Dot Essentials course since I'm new to the pistol red dot. The instructors are able to gauge everyone's skill level, from beginner to experienced, and find what that person needs to go to the next level. I look forward to more training with Justified Defensive Concepts in the future.

Jimmy Terry
Defensive Shotgun Essentials Seminar
July 27, 2024
Defensive Carbine Clinic
August 11, 2024
Red Dot Pistol for Concealed Carry and Duty Use
August 24, 2024
Precision Rifle I
September 7, 2024
Precision Rifle II
September 28, 2024
Variable Power Optic 1/Mid-Range Carbine
October 12, 2024
Defensive Pistol Clinic
November 3, 2024
Pistol 2
November 9, 2024
Low Light Pistol Skills
November 23, 2024
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How Does Trigger Control Enhance Precision and Safety in Shooting?

This skill is not just about firing accurately; it's about ensuring that every shot counts, especially in high-pressure situations where protecting your loved ones is the priority. Good trigger control helps prevent accidental discharges and missed shots.
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March 07 2024
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How To Grip A Gun For Maximum Accuracy

Nowadays personal safety and protection are of paramount importance, the ability to safely and accurately operate a firearm becomes a valuable skill. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned firearm enthusiast, understanding the nuances of a proper gun grip is crucial. Proper gun grip ensures that if the need ever arises, you can protect yourself and your loved ones effectively and responsibly.
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February 23, 2023
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Firearms Safety

‍Firearms shooting or handling is an inherently dangerous activity! This means that any time people and guns are involved together the risk of serious injury or death exists.
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