Dark Star Gear

Dark Star Gear makes some of the most comfortable concealment holsters on the market today. The owner of Dark Star Gear trains regularly and understands the concealment needs of the defensive practitioner very well. Give their holsters and accessories a try!

High Caliber Weapons Detailing

High Caliber Weapons Detailing is a mobile gun cleaning and lubrication service local to the Northern Virginia area. High Caliber Weapons Detailing will come to your location and pick up your firearms for service. They use an ultrasonic cleaner as well as lubrication products that we know to be superior to many of the offerings available today. They also schedule events at F3 Tactical, Fairfax Rod and Gun Club, and Stonewall Arms in Winchester.

Most of us are well versed in cleaning our guns, but sometimes the time to do it properly is lacking. Additionally there may be a gun that is particularly dirty or that you aren't as familiar with. In these cases, High Caliber Weapons Detailing is a great resource. They also offer their service for knives!

They have extensive experience with firearms maintenance and offer fast service. In addition they can do everything from a basic lubrication to a full surface rust/cosmoline removal. If you have a special concern they will work with you to come up with a quote for your specific needs.

LiveFire Instruction

LiveFire Instruction provides excellent introductory firearms training for groups and flexible private instruction for individuals including NRA certified classes and multi-state concealed carry permit courses.

FPF Training

FPF Training is headed by John Murphy. John has been teaching law abiding citizens how to responsibly and legally defend themselves from armed criminals in the Northern Virginia area for more than a decade. John has put together an outstanding curriculum that teaches citizens how criminals operate, how to avoid them if at all possible, and how to successfully stop a threat when left with no other choice. In recent years John has expanded his reach across the country.

In addition to his excellent curriculum on concealed carry and lawful self defense with a pistol, John’s Minuteman Rifle course serves to build a solid basis of skill and knowledge on how to competently use the modern defensive rifle. If you have never had formal training on the modern defensive rifle we highly recommend John’s Minuteman Rifle as a precursor to taking our own Defensive Rifle and Variable Power Optic classes.

FPF Training also presents high quality defensive shotgun material in concert with JDC Instructor Tim Chandler. FPF’s Home Defense Shotgun and Shotgun Skills presentations have received excellent reviews from clients and serve as a great preparation for taking our Defensive Shotgun Skills program.  

In addition, FPF Training routinely hosts some of the best firearms instructors working in the United States. Tom Givens, Massad Ayoob, William Aprill, Paul Sharp, Greg Ellifritz, Cecil Burch, Chuck Haggard, and other top quality instructors have been hosted by FPF Training in the past and will likely make more appearances in the future.

JDC’s instructor cadre is highly accomplished and extremely knowledgeable, but we don’t claim to know it all. We strongly encourage our clients to train with other accomplished, knowledgeable instructors like John and the people he hosts at FPF Training.

F3 Tactical

F3 Tactical is a tactical gear shop located in Chantilly, VA. Their business is providing high quality gear and supplies to law abiding citizens, police, and military. When it comes to clothes, armorer tools, magazines, and more, they are our first stop. Rather than buying something on the internet and hoping it is the correct item, we’ve found it much more practical to stop by and have a conversation with Jimmy and Chief about our needs and what will meet them.

F3 also partners with  nationally recognized trainers in order to facilitate that training in local venues. At times they host instructional blocks in their classroom, but when that isn’t possible they host instruction at one of the many local training facilities. F3 has been and continues to be an exceptional resource for the tactically minded individual as well as those who own and carry guns in any capacity.