Variable Power Optics 1

This class will teach you to employ a carbine at distances of 7 yards to 300 yards. The focus of the course is on the use of a low-powered variable optic, but is also appropriate for use of magnifiers with red dot optics or even iron sights if you are a brave soul.

The focus of this class will be developing your ability to use the carbine with a high degree of accuracy at speed, achieving stability from positions and the environment as you are able to enhance your performance.

You will be challenged to run fast within 50 yards like a red dot optic and discover the precision available from 100 to 300 yards. A simple shot process, critical shooting fundamentals, rifle zero considerations, sling use and positional shooting will be covered in depth.

Course Goal: develop and refine efficient and effective skills employing a carbine equipped with a variable power optic out to 200 yards.

Prerequisite: Previous formal carbine training from a reputable shooting school or law enforcement agency or academy