Pistol 1

The pistol is the primary defensive firearm used by most citizens and police officers inside the United States. Becoming proficient in the use of a pistol is critical whether you intend to protect yourself or engage in competition.

This class is a great way to start your path with JDC’s training methodology. The course is good for beginners but is also an excellent review for anyone, with individual performance challenges. This course is a full day offering, running approximately seven hours. It provides intensive personal coaching to allow you to reach your maximum personal development.

Topics covered include firearms safety, justification, mindset, shot process, shooting fundamentals, drawing, pistol manipulation, malfunction clearance, dry fire, and target transitions. Live fire drills will be from three to 25 yards, and the class will end with a skill evaluation. You will also receive a performance improvement plan.

Required Equipment:

- Full Size or Compact Pistol (Spare pistol not required, but highly recommended)

- Holster, Magazine, and Pistol Belt (Holster must be made for specific pistol & cover the trigger guard)

- 250 Rounds of reliable ammunition (no bimetal, tracer, or armor piercing)

- Personal Protective Equipment (ballistic eye wear, foam ear plugs and hard outer muffs, a ball cap or hat is highly recommended)

- Note taking material

- Food and water to maintain you through the entire training event

- Comfort items – camp or lawn chair, sunblock, bug spray, etc.

Attendance Considerations:

You understand, know, and can follow the Cardinal Rules of Firearms Safety in a group environment