Defensive Shotgun Essentials Seminar

July 27, 2024
4:30 pm
9:30 pm EDT
11250 Waples Mill Road Fairfax, VA 22030 United States
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The shotgun is kept as a defensive weapon in many homes, but the many myths and bad assumptions about defensive use of the shotgun have contributed to making it the most misunderstood weapon commonly available for defensive use. In Defensive Shotgun Essentials we will cut through the myths and misunderstandings and present tested, reliable information about the proper setup, loading, and use of the shotgun as an implement of personal defense. In this 4 hour seminar at the NRA range, we will cover:

  • Desirable features for a defensive shotgun
  • Proper selection of ammunition
  • Storage of a shotgun for defensive use
  • Loading and manipulation of the shotgun
  • Safe, reliable operation of the shotgun
  • Recoil mitigation
  • Accuracy
  • The importance of patterning

Whether you've hunted with a shotgun for years or even if you've never fired a shotgun before, this class will build a foundation of competence on the most powerful defensive weapon commonly available in the United States. You don't even need a shotgun to attend: If you don't have a shotgun, we can arrange to loan you one for the class!

Ammunition requirements: minimum of 10-25 rounds of buckshot, 50-75 rounds of LEAD birdshot (preferably #4 or #6 shot, but whatever lead shot you can get will work) plus an additional 10 rounds of good quality buckshot you would consider using for personal/home defense. (We suggest Federal's excellent Flight Control buckshot ammunition if you don't have another preference for good quality buckshot...if you cannot find it please contact us and we can arrange to provide some for you at a very reasonable cost)

Other requirements: Please have some method for keeping roughly 25 shells on your person at any one time, preferably with a dump pouch or shell pouch that can be worn on the belt.


This class takes place at the NRA range at NRA headquarters. If you have not been to the NRA range before, you will need to complete a range safety test before using the range. Please arrive at least 30 minutes early to accomplish this.

PLEASE NOTE: Start times of clinics at the NRA are dependent upon the NRA Range's hours. Those hours can change on short notice, which will impact start times and finish times of the clinic. We will communicate with you as soon as we know anything different than the times advertised.


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