Kerry Brendel


Kerry Brendel

Kerry claims he was born under a rock and raised by wolves. The remainder of Justified Defensive Concepts remains skeptical about that claim. We do know that he was raised locally into a good and caring family, and has lived a life in accordance with the values instilled in him during his upbringing.

Kerry retired as a Master Deputy with Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office in Leesburg, VA after serving for 31 years. During his tenure there he participated in everything from corrections to patrol. He was selected for the Emergency Response Team (SWAT) and was on that team for 11 years. He also worked as a crime scene investigator for 10 years. Due to his extensive training, certifications, and experience, he was chosen to be the lead firearms instructor and range master for LCSO, a position he held for 10 years.

His interest in firearms began with NRA small bore rifle competition, which he started at a very early age. He soon moved into other disciplines, ranging from trap and skeet to precision rifle. Kerry has sampled almost everything in the firearms world, from primitive to bleeding edge in concepts and technologies. He has also spent many years in the IPSC and IDPA communities, having competed in local, state, and national matches. Kerry continues to maintain his competitive and law enforcement training, as he feels that they are complimentary in nature. He adapts techniques, tactics, and protocols for both the civilian market and the federal contract arena, where he still teaches.

Kerry feels that the most rewarding aspect of the firearms world is training, and most specifically training new shooters. Kerry believes that giving somebody the knowledge, skills, and training to prevail in a defensive situation is exceptionally important. He also believes that training is a never ending endeavor, and that he learns from everybody he comes in contact with.

Firearms Instructor Certification:

Virginia Department of Criminal justice Services Handgun, Shotgun and Patrol Rifle Instructor. NRA Law Enforcement Handgun and Shotgun, Patrol Rifle and Tactical Shooting Instructor.