June 26, 2023

What is Justified Defensive Concepts?

The core motivation behind the formation of Justified Defensive Concepts is to address a void that we see in the training market. There is a great deal of emphasis on technical proficiency in the industry and that is a good thing. The ability to shoot well is absolutely critical in the lawful and effective use of a firearm for defense. We believe in holding ourselves and our clients to a very high standard of shooting. All but the most elite performers will find the time and accuracy standards we present to be a challenge to meet or exceed.

Our focus at JDC goes beyond technical proficiency. We want to develop the critical decision making skills necessary to lawfully use force. The ability to shoot with speed and precision is a force multiplier…but defending yourself requires more than just being able to shoot with speed and precision. In the real world, you will have to accurately read a situation and respond to it appropriately while your life and future hang in the balance.

Developing technical proficiency to the point where you can deliver on an almost subconscious level allows the limited processing bandwidth in your brain to process more than just running the gun.

In a JDC class we will push you to achieve a higher level of technical shooting performance. We will also put you through drills designed to familiarize you with making use of force decisions at speed. You will learn just how much of your active focus is necessary to deliver on target when your focus is divided with performing other tasks.

The first time you experience the need to assess a possible threat and react to a rapidly changing situation shouldn’t be when you are faced with a real life use of force.

The folks at Civilian Carry Radio were kind enough to have us on their Community podcast to discuss the philosophy behind JDC. You can catch a replay of the livestream below:


What can you expect from a JDC class?

  • A 1:4 instructor to student ratio - This allows us to provide a safe training environment and to offer individual attention to each client.
  • Coaching -  Specific to your performance based on what experienced instructors are seeing from you
  • Challenging technical shooting - All but the most skilled shooters will find our time and accuracy standards to be tough…but it is tough love. The accountability for using lethal force is unforgiving. We hold you to a high standard on the range because we know you will be held to a high standard in the real world.
  • Decision making - We will expose you to drills that force you to focus on something besides controlling the gun to help build your ability to think behind the gun and to show you just how much active attention you need to perform.
  • A path to improvement - Our instructors will give you a path to improving your skillsets and abilities…including suggestions for seeking out other training opportunities from other qualified instructors.

We aren’t just looking to fill seats in classes. Our hope is that we can build a solid relationship with our clients that helps them achieve their goals as Defensive Practitioners.

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