Tim Chandler


Born in Virginia, my formative years were spent in a crime-ridden section of Norfolk, Va. One of my earliest memories is of a parishioner of our church being pistol-whipped and robbed on the front steps during an evening service. This sort of life experience drove the pursuit of training in self-defense. After experiencing an exceptionally poor excuse for a concealed carry course, I set out to find quality training and headed to the recently founded Blackwater USA in 2001 for a handgun course.

 From that point on I sought to be in at least 100 hours of formal firearms training per year with the goal of training from the best providers in the business. In the process pursuing skill and knowledge, I picked up a great deal about teaching from a host of top notch instructors like Todd Green, Tom Givens, John Murphy, Craig Douglas, Greg Ellifritz, Ken Hackathorn, Kyle Defoor, and many others.

 Todd Green was the first to ask me to assist in presenting some of his classes, and that progressed to assisting John Murphy and eventually Tom Givens inviting me to assist in presenting his Rangemaster course content. Todd, Tom, and John all encouraged me to start teaching my own classes and I began teaching my own course content with FPF training in 2017, expanding to teaching shotgun and concealed carry handgun courses with 360 Performance Shooting, and presenting at Tac Con 2019.


Rangemaster Instructor, Rangemaster Advanced Instructor, Rangemaster Shotgun Instructor, Blackwater Carbine Instructor, Beretta 1301 Armorer, Agile Training & Consulting OC Instructor