Building the Defensive Practitioner

At Justified Defensive Concepts, our primary focus is building a capable Defensive Practitioner. The capable defensive practicioner lives with a high level of awareness. They can recognize dangerous events unfolding, and can remove themselves when possible. When necessary and reasonable they can act decisively with the appropriate level of force for lawful defense.

Whether you are a law abiding citizen, a sworn police officer, a security professional, or a member of our Armed Forces, the day may come where you are forced to defend your life or the life of another against violent attack.

Prevailing against determined violence requires a solid grounding in the principles of justifiable defense, decision making skills under extreme stress, good tactics, and a high degree of technical proficiency. Our coursework is designed to develop these capabilities in our clients and to help them understand how to successfully judge the appropriate actions for the circumstances they face.

We believe in teaching a high degree of shooting skill: In fact, we present a very high standard of technical proficiency, but our focus goes beyond developing a skilled shooter. Our ultimate goal is to build a capable Defensive Practitioner who is able to correctly read a situation, make sound tactical decisions, and, if absolutely necessary, apply force with a decisive level of speed and precision.

Whether you wear a uniform or not, the need to defend yourself against lethal violence is a much more common phenomenon than many would like to believe.

While we hope none of our clients ever have to fight for their lives, our program of instruction is based on placing ourselves in the terrible moment where they must and giving them the knowledge and skills they will need to prevail.

Your family, your friends, your community…your country needs you.

Your life is worth defending.

Your success is the focus of our business. Everything we do at JDC…from designing our programs of instruction to making sure we have one instructor for every four students to provide a safe learning environment and to guarantee quality individual coaching…is built around our core belief that your benefit is our primary responsibility.