High Caliber Weapons Detailing is a mobile gun cleaning and lubrication service local to the Northern Virginia area. High Caliber Weapons Detailing will come to your location and pick up your firearms for service. They use an ultrasonic cleaner as well as lubrication products that we know to be superior to many of the offerings available today. They also schedule events at F3 Tactical, Fairfax Rod and Gun Club, and Stonewall Arms in Winchester.

Most of us are well versed in cleaning our guns, but sometimes the time to do it properly is lacking. Additionally there may be a gun that is particularly dirty or that you aren't as familiar with. In these cases, High Caliber Weapons Detailing is a great resource. They also offer their service for knives!

They have extensive experience with firearms maintenance and offer fast service. In addition they can do everything from a basic lubrication to a full surface rust/cosmoline removal. If you have a special concern they will work with you to come up with a quote for your specific needs.