Improving Your Shooting: Dry Fire Practice and Live Fire Concepts

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Improving Your Shooting: Dry Fire Practice and Live Fire Concepts

This is a basic lecture on methods for improving your shooting. It will also include a dry fire portion of the class where we will be using training guns to explore improving your shooting. This class is suitable for anybody that carries a firearm, whether concealed or not, or is just interested in becoming a better shooter. Bring your holster and/or your competition gear, but don't bring your firearm. We'll be using training guns that are very similar to a Glock and will fit holsters of that type. In this 3 hour seminar at F3 Tactical, we will cover: 

Efficient Draw (4 count draw)

How to make the most of your dry fire work

Tools and products that will aid your dry fire work

Demo and practice of dry fire

Making the most of your range time

Other resources and products that will speed your improvement and aid efficiency

Almost everybody wants to improve their shooting, but without a plan, it is difficult. This class will show you ways to make your practice sessions more efficient, which will save you time, money, and effort. This class is the end result of years of practice, training, and coaching other shooters.


This class takes place at the F3 Tactical Classroom. We will be using training guns which will be provided. Please do not bring any live firearms into the classroom.