Defensive Shotgun Skills

May 13, 2023
8:30 AM
6:00 PM
Echo Valley Training Center Reflection Lane WV, 26808
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In Defensive Shotgun Skills we will explore the capabilities and the limitations of this incredibly powerful defensive tool so that you have the knowledge and skills to use a shotgun effectively as a defensive arm…or even decide whether or not a shotgun is the right weapon for your circumstances. Our instructors will teach you proven, practical manipulations and handling practices focused on the effective defensive use of the shotgun. In addition, our instructors will provide suggestions for practice beyond the class that will develop true proficiency for the Defensive Practitioner. If you wear a uniform or if you are just looking to defend your home and family, you will leave class with a solid understanding of the defensive shotgun and where it fits into your defensive strategy.

Equipment Requirements:

  • a reliable pump-action or semi-automatic shotgun (legally owned short-barrel shotguns are allowed. Pistol-grip-only shotguns are not appropriate for this course),
  • a practical method for carriage of extra ammunition (side saddles and butt cuffs are common),
  • 178 rounds of bird shot, 50 rounds of buckshot (at least 10 good quality defensive buckshot shells), 10 slugs,
  • some method of keeping at least 25 extra shells on your body (cargo pockets or a dump pouch are common)
  • ballistically rated eye protection
  • hearing protection (electronic ear pro highly recommended)
  • and a brimmed cap.

We strongly recommend: a shotgun with rifle-style sights and/or a red dot optic, a quality sling, a stock on your gun that has a 13” or shorter length of pull (unless you are taller than 6’2”), use of low-recoil buckshot and slugs, ensuring that you have at least some premium defensive quality buckshot that you would consider using as your main defensive load to use for patterning and the qualification…Federal’s low-recoil Flight Control buckshot loads work very well for this, in our experience.

Attendance Considerations: This is not designed as a student’s first firearms course and it is certainly not introductory level material. Verification of previous training is not required but honest self-assessment is. We do stress the fundamentals and highly encourage all that choose to use a firearm for self-defense to pursue excellence in its use. At a minimum to attend you must know and should be able to follow at all times the 4 Cardinal Rules of Firearms safety, you also need to be familiar with handling a firearm around other people, knowledge of your firearms manual of operation specifically how to safely load it, and unload it, open the action and keep the action open is necessary. An open mind and a willingness to be challenged, to learn and to improve are desirable. Train hard! We hope to see you on the range.


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