Defensive Pistol Skills I


Do you carry a concealed pistol for self-defense against a violent criminal attack? Are you thinking about carrying for personal defense? Do you really know why, when and how to employ that pistol when your life could depend on it? If you think it is prudent to acquire that type of knowledge and skill, then this will be an exciting and challenging learning opportunity for you. We will explore the capabilities and the limitations of this defensive tool. This course was developed and is presented by vetted, experienced professionally credentialed instructors who can effectively help you learn critical knowledge and essential skills to help you attain your defensive pistol goals. You will be guided and encourage to develop efficient techniques and effective habits. The goal of this course is to provide you a solid foundation and a plan to follow to quickly develop, refine, and ultimately maintain efficient and effective defensive pistol skills.

Duration:  8 Hours Link Up: 8:35 AM Convoy Departs: 8:45 AM Class Start 9:00 AM

Location: Old Stone Quarry, Culpeper VA

Link Up Point: E.V. Baker’s Gas Station & Country Store 4066 Zachary Taylor Highway (Rt 522) Culpeper, VA

Equipment Requirements: You will need a full sized to compact sized reliable semiautomatic pistol or revolver, a sturdy gun belt, a safe and reliable  quality holster (OWB, IWB or AIWB are permitted, holster must safely facilitate one handed return to the holster, Blackhawk SERPA or any holster using trigger finger to defeat retention will not be permitted unless it is issued to you by your agency/workplace), a cover garment (if desired – not required), at least 1 (preferably 2) ammunition pouches, at least 3 magazines or at least 4 speed loaders (what is needed is the ability to keep at least 24 rounds readily accessible to be quickly loaded or your person), ballistic rated eye and ear protection (electronic amplified is highly recommended), not mandatory but also highly recommended is a brimmed cap, 300 to 350 rounds of reliable (quality) (preferably factory) ammunition.

Topics to be covered: 

  • Mindset – the importance of avoidance, prior preparation, and other critical considerations

  • Factors that legally allow (“Justify”) the use of force

  • Firearms Safety

  • Efficient Draw (Presentation) and Garment Clearance Techniques

  • Combat Marksmanship Fundamentals (Hold Control, Sight Picture & Trigger Control)

  • Recoil Management

  • Loading & Unloading Procedures

  • Reloading Techniques

  • Live Fire Drills (to include split attention tasks)

  • Malfunction Clearance

  • Ammunition Selection

  • Positions, Transitions and Effective Use of Cover

  • Shooting Evaluation (Qualification)

  • Decision Making (Shoot/No Shoot) Exercise

Attendance Considerations: This is not designed as a student’s first course and it is certainly not introductory level material. Verification of previous training is not required but honest self-assessment is. We do stress the fundamentals and highly encourage all that choose to carry a firearm for self-defense to pursue excellence in its use. At a minimum to attend you must know and should be able to follow at all times the 4 Cardinal Rules of Firearms safety, you also need to be familiar, comfortable and basically proficient with the 4 Count Draw, knowledge of your firearms manual of operation specifically how to safely load it, and unload it, open the action and  keep the action open is necessary. An open mind and a willingness to be challenged, to learn and to improve are desirable. Train hard! We hope to see you on the range.